About us

We are a French couple of 27 and 28 years old. We met in Tampere during our Erasmus exchange. After finishing our studies in France, we decided to come back to Finland. We live in Espoo (near Helsinki) for over three years now. Our main leisure activities include cycling and camping-of course- but also hiking, climbing, running and seeing our friends and families, too.

Floriane & François


I’m very happy to attempt this route. This one-way flight ticket for Ushuaïa is the symbol of travel and adventure for me. But I hope to reach Quito!

Since I was a little girl I spend holidays in the mountains and I love it: beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages and all kind of sports. Then during my Erasmus exchange, I caught the virus of travelling and discovering. François and I began by exploring Europe. From Lisbon to the mountains of Tushetia in Georgia, every time I wanted to travel again, to see new places, to talk to new people, to taste new things.

In this crossing of South America by bike, I take the bike as a sweet way to bring us to new encounters and landscapes. All this is going to be extraordinary.

What scare me the most: hills by bike (I know, I'll have a lot in my plate)

What excite me the most: discovering new cultures and admiring spectacular landscape, and watching penguins!


I've always dreamt of going for a great adventure. This is the kind of idea that comes and goes when the mood is low but never really takes shape. I shouldn't say never: we have taken the plunge!

In my childhood I travelled a lot with my family. We never went far but enough to break habits, breath new air and discover new horizons. I really enjoy to immerse myself in a different environment, and have to adapt to this environment and understand it. Moving to Finland has been a strong experience regarding this: change in culture, language, climate and pace of life. This time the change is going to be even more radical.

I commute by bike daily since I'm 15: the crowded bus in the morning pushed me to seek an alternative. Since then the bicycle is my main transportation mean, even in the heart of Finnish winter.

What scare me the most: security. Finland is quite safe, we don't even fear theft here.
What excite me the most: the sport challenge and 4000m high passes, way of life change.