From June 7, 2018 to June 9, 2018



During our transit from Lima to Brussels we passed through Toronto then Montreal. Unfortunately Floriane got some of the symptoms of her multiple intestinal infections. Consequently, just arrived in Brussels, we go to Saint-Pierre Hospital for Floriane to do a health check, it could be more serious than an infection. We should have assembled the bike in the airport and then cycled to our Warmshowers, but Floriane is too weak for that.

François leaves Floriane at the hospital before going to our Warmshowers place with the luggage. Once the bikes and the luggage well installed, François returns to wait with Floriane to the emergencies. After a few hours, we leave appeased the hospital, Floriane has nothing, in any case nothing detectable for the moment apart from a very weakened stomach. We then spend a great time with our Warmshowers the rest of the afternoon and evening.

The next day we get back on our bikes for a very short journey: we'll simply drop the bikes in a hotel nearby. Indeed, François' parents come to visit us, they arrive this afternoon and leave tomorrow in the afternoon. We'll meet them at the station before going on a walking tour of Brussels following a route nicely prepared by our Warmshowers. We all have a great time with beer and champagne!