From May 31, 2018 to June 3, 2018



We get up early in the morning, the whole village is already awake. Peruvians are "early risers"!

We have a small descent to reach the bridge, then we have to climb 1200 meters if possible. There is still a village at 700m of elevation gain if necessary. But as soon as we start to climb, Floriane is in pain because of the infection, and the climb becomes impossible. We hitchhike, we are taken by the police who let us to the last village, the 1200m of elevation gain from the bridge. We then take a minibus to reach Ayacucho and rest.

In Ayacucho, we take a big decision: we'll return to Europe quickly. This is the fifth infection in three months, and there is an increasing risk of having sequelae. And as the goal isn't to have stomach pain for life, we decide to return. Heavy decision, the mood is low the first day. But the next day, we recover keep things in perspective (already eight months, it's huge), and plan: why return directly? Who says Europe doesn't say home. We take plane tickets to Brussels, for in a week, then plan a tour of families and friends.