The May 25, 2018

And the first Peruvian bomberos


We leave our shelter early in the morning, and want to finish the hill. We pass the last village of the climb around eleven o'clock, but we don't think about taking a lunch to take away. We continue, and are hungry. We are "slightly" stubborn and want to finish this hill before lunch.

It's very beautiful and the view of the whole valley is impressive. But as we should have known, there is nothing to eat up there, so we must begin the descent with an empty stomach. Still nothing the first kilometers. We find a hotel-restaurant around 13:00. We eat a good trout, and enjoy the wifi to check our emails and call the family. Then we reach the town of Abancay around 16:00, 300m below our restaurant.

We arrive at the fireman station, who very kindly accept to host us for the night. We have access to the showers and the kitchen, they are very nice.